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Horticulture & Agriculture



Hi, AgAims is my business and I'm Peter O'Brien.

I am passionate about helping all participants in the food and agriculture industry build better businesses. If your business is involved in this most important sector I am keen to support you to improve your business. I want to make sure the outcomes for your industry are what you originally envisioned.

If your a grower I can help you focus on what is important  to you and your customers.

If your a food processor I can help you work with your suppliers so they are focussed on your needs and you can win together.

If your a government agency or NGO I can help with to review your agronomic or horticultural R&D and extension programs.

The reason I think I can help is that I have experienced all these roles in the industry.  I have been a vegetable grower, a government horticultural advisor and a agriculture leader for a multi-national food processor. Being involved in all industry segments opens a window of deep understanding of these relationships and the importance of building positive and profitable relationships.

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