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Horticulture & Agriculture



Hi, AgAims is my business and I'm Peter O'Brien.

I am passionate about helping all participants in the food and agriculture industry build better businesses. If your business is involved in this most important sector I am keen to support you to improve your business. I want to make sure the outcomes for your industry are what you originally envisioned.

If your a grower I can help you focus on what is important  to you and your customers.

If your a food processor I can help you work with your suppliers so they are focussed on your needs and you can win together.

If your a government agency or NGO I can help with to review your agronomic or horticultural R&D and extension programs.

The reason I think I can help is that I have experienced all these roles in the industry.  I have been a vegetable grower, a government horticultural advisor and a agriculture leader for a multi-national food processor. Being involved in all industry segments opens a window of deep understanding of these relationships and the importance of building positive and profitable relationships.

Food Processors
Food Processors

We can help food processors improve supply of required raw materials in existing markets and newly developing markets (esp in Asia) with a real focus on sustainability.

Grower Clients
Grower Clients

We can help growers improve their relationship with customers focusing on building quality and capability in developed and developing markets.


We can help Agencies and NGO's review their programs and strategy in both developed markets and new markets (esp. Asia)