If you represent an industry, corporation or NGO and are investing in specific projects then you want to make sure that these projects are focussed on what you and your stakeholders want. This can be highly complex and requires great planning, fluid communication, strong stakeholder management, cascaded key performance indicators, frequent reviews and a flexible approach to changing conditions and situations.

I have been invloved in industry reviews where these have been clearly lacking. For the sake of all your stakeholders let me see if I can help you with a review or point you in the right direction so that you continue to build support and investment in your project.

At AgAims I will  offer you solutions in agricultural strategic development. Given my experience in the industry on all sides of the fence, I can assist you to develop a sustainable agricultural raw material sourcing plan that will build a competitive advantage for your business or industry. I have experience in vegetable and fruit crops with a strong focus on processing potatoes. I have developed this knowledge and experience in potatoes as my prior role with Pepsico had me developing supply networks right across Asia and the Pacific.




As a grower or a supplier you want to be able to provide the best quality to your customer and make a good return on your investment. Sometimes your customers desire to get the lowest cost gets in the way of this. Understanding both parties needs goes a long way to developing that win win relationship. Since I have spent time on both sides of the fence I can bring a win win approach with your dealiings with your customer. My roles for over 20 years in Asia Pacific Region has had me working in this space across the region, across cultures and industries.

Let me know about your situation with your customer and give me a call, I am sure I can help.



If you are a food processor or fresh market retailer you want to secure the best quality produce at the best sustainable price. 

Building that relationship with your suppliers is one of the most important parts of your business operation and I can help. Understanding both parties needs and expectations is crtical in making that relationship work. I have over 20 years of experience working in that space and having had a foot in both camps gives me a unique persective on how that can be achieved in developed markets and developing markets.. Let me know a bit about your current project and give me a call to see if I can help.